Complete Policies

Complete Company Policies

(Last revision 12/30/2015 * subject to change without notice)


Privacy and Security

 Abyte Technologies LLC collects personal information such as but not limited to: name, phone number, address, and passwords/security codes. This information is needed for various reasons in the process of providing our services. Abyte stores general information, not including passwords/security codes, in a database for the use of contacting the customer, and providing faster service in the future. This information is only accessible by employees of Abyte Technologies and will never be sold or given away. Abyte does not store any information that is used in payment for services.


Warranty Policies

Customer must provide the original receipt to receive any warranty repair work.


Non-Phone and Other Device Repair Warranties

Unless otherwise stated, all non-phone and other device repairs have a thirty (30) day parts and labor warranty from the time of the repair. The warranty covers all parts used in the repair from the day the repair was finished and an employee has made an attempt to contact the customer.

The warranty covers defective parts and does not cover damage or problems caused by improper use by the customer.  The warranty does not cover problems that arise from updates or changing the settings on devices.

Some examples of things that are not covered:

Computers/Tablets: Broken glass or LCD. Damage done to the device from being dropped or improper use.  APN settings being changed either by the customer or an update to the phone. Any form of water/liquid damage after the repair.

Computers/Other: Software problems arising from viruses/spyware. Damage done to the repaired parts by improper use. Other hardware failing after a repair was done.


Phone Repair and Apple Products Lifetime Warranty

(Effective Jan 1st 2015 (phones) Jan 17th 2015 (Apple Mobile Products))

Phone repairs have a lifetime warranty on the parts and labor. All other Apple products such as iPads and iPods are also covered under this lifetime warranty as of Jan 17th 2015. (Non-Mobile devices like MacBook’s are not covered)

As of Jan 25th 2015, all Tablet repairs fall under this lifetime warranty.

This warranty only covers a defective part, and does not cover repairs that do not offer a warranty like some charging port repairs and water damage.

In order to qualify for the warranty, the customer must have the original receipt when the repair was done and the part must not be damaged in any way. This includes but is not limited to scratches, dents, cracks, chips, and any other form of damage done to the part. This warranty is only valid for the owner of the phone at the time of the repair, and does not transfer over to any other person.

Abyte Technologies reserves the right to refuse warranty replacement if they find evidence of tampering or other repairs done to the phone by anyone other than Abyte Technologies, or if they find evidence of damage done that could cause the part to function incorrectly or break.

** Batteries have a 90 day warranty.   A battery will go bad no matter how it is treated or used. They have a limited lifespan when they are created and there is no way to keep them from starting to lose charging capacity over time.


Repairs with no Warranty

There are a few repairs that Abyte does that will not have a warranty. The customer will be informed up front before the repair is done that Abyte does not offer a warranty on that repair and in some cases may be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that they understand that there is no warranty.

Some examples of these repairs are:

Charging ports on phones/tablets. Devices that have water damage. Special orders that Abyte cannot guarantee will correct the problem.


New Device Warranty

All new devices sold by Abyte Technologies, unless otherwise stated, have a standard 30 day warranty against being defective. After the 30 day warranty the customer will have to contact the Manufacturer of the device for any warranty repairs.

Blu phones are not covered under our 30 day warranty. Because of the warranty policies set by Blu, the customer will have to deal directly with Blu for any warranty problems with their device.  We can do a warranty assist, for a nominal fee, through our contacts at Blu to help with the warranty process.


Used Device Warranty

All used devices sold by Abyte will carry a ten (10) business day Hardware Only warranty. All used devices receive a general check over and are reset back to factory settings before being sold. This warranty does not cover any damage done to the device by the customer.

Used Phones are not guaranteed to work with a carrier/service unless they are activated by Abyte and will not qualify for a return or refund.


Flashing and Programming Warranty

We do not offer any warranty on the flashing or re-programing on a phone or device. For more information, see the Flashing phones section below.


Phone Unlocking

In the event that a phone we try to unlock comes back as lost/stolen or any other reason that is no fault of Abyte Technologies, and cannot be unlocked, there will be fee of 20% taken out of the unlock cost to cover our processing time.



Deposits will be required for many of the repairs/services that Abyte provides. Any non-stock parts and special orders will require a deposit before Abyte will order the parts required for the repair. Special order parts that require a deposit are non-refundable. All other deposits may be subject to a re-stocking fee. Any special ordered parts that are not used within ninety (90) days will be restocked and the customer will forfeit the deposit on that part.

Some examples of non-refundable deposits: Special Order parts. Charging port repair. Water damage cleaning. Non-Major brand device repair. Some special order parts than cannot be returned once installed.


Refunds and Returns

Customer must provide the original receipt for a return or refund. 


New Item Purchases

New items can be returned within three (3) business days of purchase for a refund. The item must be in original, unopened, unused condition with all original undamaged packaging and accessories.

During the holidays (Christmas) Abyte will extend its return policy to help with present giving. The customer must let us know that the item is being purchased for this reason, and the item will be marked with special protection against being opened/used.  If the item is opened or used, it falls under normal refund and return policy.

New items can be returned within thirty (30) business days for a replacement if the item is defective.

*Some new items may not be returned if used - due to health reasons. (Example: Headphones)


Used Devices

Used devices (such as phones and computers) that are defective can only be returned within two (2) business days of purchase. A device not working with a specific carrier/service is not a valid reason for returning it and the return will be denied.

Working used devices may only be returned for store credit within two (2) business days from purchase, and are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.


Flashing and Pre-Paid Information


Flashing Phones

Flashing a phone changes the programming and settings of the phone. After a phone has been flashed, any changes to the settings or programming can cause the phone to not work correctly. Because of this, and the fact that we cannot control updates that carriers put out, or users making changes to the settings of the phone or downloading and installing updates, we do not warranty the flashing of the phone.

When flashing some phones to some carriers, we cannot guarantee that all services such as MMS/texting will work.

When you come to pick up the device, all services that should be working will be and you are free to test it out before paying. If a problem is discovered before leaving the shop with the device, we will fix it free of charge if possible. Once you have left the shop, any problems that arise may incur an additional cost to fix.

If the APN settings need to be updated there will be a $5.00 charge to update the APN settings.

Once your device has been flashed, there will be an application (app) on it that will allow you to pay/renew your phone plan without having to come into the store to do so. Abyte does not have any affiliation with these services/carriers other than offering their services and as such Abyte cannot be held liable for any problems, monetary loss, or disputes over this service.


Pre-Paid Plans

Abyte offers many different pre-paid phone plans from many different carriers. Do to the nature of SIM Cards and PINs, all SIM Cards and PIN sales are final and cannot be refunded. Once the SIM card has been used, it cannot be re-used.  Once a PIN has been submitted, it cannot be used again.

When porting a phone number over from one carrier to another, the normal time is between 48 and 72 hours. However, once the port has been started, Abyte does not have any control over how long it actually takes to go though, and cannot offer any assistance with the port. If a port has not gone through in the normal time, the customer will need to contact the provider (Net10, Page Plus, H2O, etc.) for assistance.

The cost of these plans are dictated by their respective companies/carriers. Abyte cannot change these plans or offer any more services than what is stated in the plan.  The cost of the pre-paid plans do not include taxes.


Another option for paying/renewing your phone plan without having to come into the store is online at


Device Pickup Policy

Once a device has been repaired, we will try to contact the customer. From this date, the customer has 90 days to pick up the device.  After 90 days, if we have not heard from the customer we will recycle the device to recover costs. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep us informed of extenuating circumstances. We will be happy to work with you as long as you keep in contact with us.