I accidentally left our iPad on top of our car while loading our son in the car. When I drove off, I saw the iPad falling in the rear view mirror. I went back for it and found that the glass was shattered and the corner was dented really bad. Abyte was able to straighten the corner back out and fix the glass - I can't believe how good it looks now.

Mark J.,

I broke my iPhone 6 screen and they were able to change the cracked glass on it for a lot less than what I thought I was going to have to pay. I walked over to Marble Slab and got some ice cream and they had my phone fixed by the time I got back!

Olivia G.,

I dropped my laptop and the screen broke. It cracked in 3 different spots and I could only see half the picture. I brought it here hoping they wouldn't charge too much to fix it. They ordered a new screen for me and had it rush shipped so I could get it repaired faster. The new screen is so clear and looks great. They even noticed that I had some stuff loading up when it started that looked like viruses, so they went ahead and removed the viruses for me while they had it and didn't even charge me since they were already replacing the screen. I hope this doesn't happen again but if it does I will definitely come back here.

Mary A.,